‘Vexer’ is a new online work by artist Aaro Murphy – an autonomously performing computer simulation and sound sculpture that composes itself in real-time. An AI has been programmed to roam a virtual terrain, reacting to its environment listening and collecting sounds as it moves. As time passes the AI drifts from one landscape to another, morphing its shape and transforming its acoustic periphery in the process. In turn the work evolves into a self generative polyphonic instrument.

As time passes, Vexer adopts a hybrid machine-like form between a motor, architectural model and robotic being, continuously shifting its shape and scale. This discrepancy between machine and creature, is a part of an ongoing research in Aaro’s practice – searching for boundaries between the synthetic and organic.

An installation edition of the work is on display at bologna.cc in Amsterdam 03.10. - 11.10.2020

Creative coding: Marcel Smit
Sound design: Duncan Robertson
Web Design: Ville Niemi

Supported by:
The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux